Rock Tumblers

Lortone Tumblers

We are incredibly proud to be official Lortone distributors. In our opinion, Lortone is one of the best brands of tumblers available on the market. As official distributors, we get tumblers and parts directly from the source. You can find the distributor list here.

Why Lortone?

Why did we choose to be distributors for Lortone? After extensive research and testing of different models, Lortone proves to be one of the longest lasting and durable tumblers out there. The price is competitive, they come with a 1 year manufacturers warranty, and they manufacture their products in the USA. They’re been around since 1978! We decided that we wouldn’t settle for any less and had to carry the Lortone brand in our store.

Tumbler Models

Lortone has quite a few different models of tumblers, but we found carrying these 4 have been sufficient.

3A – single 3 pound barrel

33B – double 3 pound barrel

QT6 – single 6 pound barrel

QT12single 12 pound barrel

For beginners, we highly recommend the 3A. At a great price point, this small tumbler is perfect for beginners of all ages. If you have kids or grandkids interested in rock tumbling, this is the model for them. For people who would like to tumbler more rocks, the 33B can tumble twice as well, making it our most popular model. It is also our most versatile option as you can tumble 2 different loads or different grits at the same time. Lastly, for those who want to tumble larger rocks or larger volumes, the QT6 or QT12 tumblers are for you. These tumblers have a more powerful motor and are meant for the more serious rockhounds. 


Detailed Instructions for Rock Tumbling

Instruction Manuals from Lortone